Our food

From the very first moments, we knew we wanted TUNCO to be more than just a restaurant. We wanted to feed the world, but with a small footprint, and bring care and intention to an industry where there seemed to be more depletion than addition.

Every decision taken since day one has been molded around a food philosophy where we constantly strive to take small steps for a brighter future.

Mushroom illustration

Meal for meal

Sufficient food is a basic need in order for one to learn and thrive in the world. Every time you eat at TUNCO, a meal is given to a child in need.

In the tiny village of Mikindani, Kenya, our partner organization Star Of Hope runs a project called "lunch buddy", whereby the children receive up to two meals a day. Not only does this provide the children with the nutrition they need, it also improves attendance rates, keeps children enrolled for longer and takes some pressure off families to provide food for their kids.

Since we first opened our doors
in early 2016, we have raised more than 400 000
meals to children in need!

Plenty of plants, plenty of taste, less of animals

The growth in livestock farming has played a rather crippling role in the health and stability of our ecosystem. It produces from 20% to 50% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale. Eating less meat is the single biggest contribution one can do for the planet.

With a menu rich with yummy vegetable-based options, we want to prove that plant-based food can be just as delicious as meat-based food.

Soy beans

Earth-friendly packaging

One of the biggest threats to our planet and wildlife is the abundance of plastic pollution. That is why we gave single use plastic packaging the cold shoulder from day one.

From the early beginnings we gave
single-use plastic packaging
the cold shoulder