Our story

Our story brings us back to our uni years when a group of curious adventure seekers left their safe harbors, with nothing but backpacks, seeking the unknown. The discoveries we made were life changing. The adventures mind-blowing. The conversations deep and insightful.  Looking back, travelling the world was the most important decision we have ever made.

Our backpacking years wasn't only about meeting cool people from around the globe, eating amazing food and surfing tropical waters. It showed us in real life the huge extent of injustice in the world we live in. These experiences lit a fire within us. A desire to help some of these people.

In the summer of 2015, we quit our corporate jobs, put the backpacking on hold and committed to pursue a project with a cause and a purpose. Our dream is to make healthy, thoughtful and sustainable food available to everyone.

Taste man

Our core values

These values make up our spirit molecule, the deep essence of who we are. They represent our shared beliefs and help us move in the the right direction together.


Smile, laugh and be playful – Life is simply too short 


Be the example – Walk the talk 


Taste the unknown, there is always something new to learn 


Our love for the planet is rooted in everything we do

Meal for meal -
Our first trip
to Kenya

For each meal sold at TUNCO, one meal is given to a child in need.

In the year 2017, we first visited the schools in Mikindani, Kenya.
It was a moving experience to witness with our own eyes that the work we do at TUNCO affects the lives of more than a thousand unfortunate children on the other side of the globe.