Catering for any situation - 10-1000 people, no problem!

The food we make at TUNCO is the perfect food for any occasion. Not only is it fresh, tasty and healthy, it's also super convenient as it comes in practical packaging you can carry around and eat as you go.

Our event offering ranges from big festivals like Øyafestivalen and Piknikk I Parken, to bigger or smaller company celebrations and private events. We pretty much do everything. Feel free to reach out if you want to order food from us, or book us for any of your events -

Types of catering offerings:
* Private parties / private fester
* Summer parties / sommerfest
* Overtime food / overtidsmat
* Confirmation / konfirmasjon
* Conference / konferanse
* Meeting / møtemat
* Wedding / bryllup
* Team building
* Julebord
* Kick-offs
* Events