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St Hanshaugen, Oslo

In the spring of 2016, we opened up our very first restaurant in the notorious Bjerregaards gate in the heart of Oslo. Without any experience from the restaurant industry, we turned an old office building into a cozy restaurant. With loads of love and support from the local community, the word quickly spread and not long after, people travelled from all around town to get the wok of their life!

Oslo Street Food, Oslo

In February 2020, we opened up a small venue in Oslo's new food mecca - Oslo Street Food - located in the pulsing Torggata, next to Youngstorget. The place is a beautiful blend of small kitchens serving street food from all corners of the globe. Make sure to get there early, because this place is pumping Monday to Sunday all year around. Bring your friends, grab your favorite food and beer and enjoy the moment! The place also turns into a club each weekend, and the old "pool" turns into a hectic dance floor filled with people, smoke and dance beats.

Barcode Street Food, Oslo

In February of 2022, we started cooking from our third location - in an area many believe to be the "new Oslo center" - the Barcode District. Together with 13 other kitchens, we cook our favorites noodles. The place is open Monday to Sunday, from lunch to late afternoons. Pop by for a quick bite, or bring your friends for an after work beer or a weekend feast.