a new era

of healthy and

tasty woks

Our dream is to make healthy and sustainable food available to everyone.
Every time you eat at TUNCO a meal is given to a child in need. Meal for meal.



Bjerregaards gate 2A • TEL 400 98 690

11:30 - 22:00

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Skovveien 3 • TEL 909 26 433

11:30 - 22:00

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Torggata 16

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Our story

Our backpacking years wasn't only about meeting cool people from around the globe, eating amazing food and surfing tropical waters. It showed us in real life the huge extent of injustice in the world we live in. These experiences lit a fire within us. A desire to help some of these people. In the summer of 2015, we quit our corporate jobs, put the backpacking on hold and committed to pursue a project with a cause and a purpose. Our dream is to make healthy, thoughtful and sustainable food available to everyone.

Small steps for the better

The food industry has a devastating impact on our planet. Always making the right choice is hard. We understand that. Our aim is to provide you with thoughtful options in the hope that we can help you making your eating habits a bit more sustainable. Our philosophy is to constantly improve with small steps towards a more sustainable way of running a restaurant. 


Being full after a satisfying meal is something that most of us take for granted. Experiencing true hunger, on the contrary, is a feeling few of us have ever felt. Sufficient food is a basic need in order for one to learn and thrive in the world.

Every time you eat at TUNCO, a meal is given to a child in need. In the tiny village of Mikindani, Kenya, our partner organization Star Of Hope run a project called "lunch buddy", whereby the students receive two meals a day. Not only does this provide the children with the nutrition they need, it also improves attendance rates, keeps children enrolled for longer and takes some pressure off families to provide food for their kids.