Being full after a satisfying meal is something that many of us take for granted. Experiencing true hunger, on the contrary, is a feeling few of us have never felt. Yet this is the case for a vast number of people around the globe.  Sufficient food is a basic need in order for one to learn and thrive in the world. Because when one does not eat enough, it's hard to lead a healthy and active life.


Lessons from the road

After years on the road backpacking, it became incredibly visible to us the huge inequity in the world, a world where food isn't available to everyone. In the early stages of planning for TUNCO, we decided that we wanted to incorporate a giving model into the business, so as to make a difference in the world and hopefully encourage others to follow the same path.

Inspired by Blake Mycoskie and the TOMS shoes concept of "One For One", we decided on a similar idea. For each meal sold at TUNCO one meal will be given to someone in need in the developing world. Meal for meal.


Star Of Hope

Originally, the plan was to donate in Vietnam where we had already visited. However, after deliberations we have opted to go for a smaller charity that is more aligned with our values and overall goals. Star of Hope has been operating for more than 40 years, is headquartered in Sweden and has branches in America and Norway. They have a program called 'Lunch Buddy', whereby donations made go directly to providing lunches for the children at the schools run by the charity. Not only does this provide the children with a nutritious meal, it also improves attendance rates, keeps children enrolled for longer and takes some pressure off families to provide lunch.

After evaluating different possible programs, we chose to support a project run in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya, at a place known as Mikindani. Through the Star of Hope 'lunch buddy' program, the students receive a 10 o’clock cup of porridge before playtime and a 12 o'clock lunch before taking their afternoon nap. 


Meal for meal

At TUNCO we don't accept cash payments in the restaurant. The main reason for this is to be as transparent as possible and be able to count each and every meal sold.

The model is quite simple: For every meal you buy at TUNCO the cost of a meal for the Star of Hope 'lunch buddy' program is put aside and donated on a monthly basis.

So when you eat at TUNCO, not only are you providing your own body with a healthy and nutritious meal, you are also giving a meal to a child in need. Meal for meal!