Our Story

TUNCO is the story about the construction guy, the finance dude, the technology nerd and the lawyer who travelled the world in search of adventures and inspiring food. The impressions were life changing. The conversations deep and insightful. The flavours unforgettable. 

Travelling the globe wasn't only about amazing food, surfing and palm trees. It showed us in real life images the huge extent of injustice in the world in which we live. All these experiences lit a fire within the four of us. An intense desire to help those in need.

We quit our corporate jobs, put the backpacking on hold and decided to do something worthwhile. A project with a cause and a purpose. The idea behind TUNCO is to redefine the concept of 'fast food', prove that it can in fact be healthy and tasty, take steps to make the food industry more sustainable and give back through the meal for meal program. 

Basically, this is how TUNCO came about - our common love for travel, our passion for food and our desire to make a difference. 

It's an ongoing adventure, a story inspired by travel and food. Four good friends with a backpack loaded with passion and big dreams. 

André, Mads, Nam and Simon



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