Sufficient food is a basic need in order for one to learn and thrive in the world. Because when one does not eat enough, it's hard to lead a healthy and active life. 




SOS Children's Village Go Vap, Vietnam

Each house is run almost like a separate family, with a step mother raising 8 to 10 children. The mother give their children a caring upbringing, love and the affection they were missing when they started on their journey of life. When we visited the place in the summer of 2015, we got to meet some of these strong, admirable women and their children. We were amazed to see the strong relationship they had.

The Go Vap children village has since 1969 taken kids off the streets and given them a loving home, food and education. Go Vap is located in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), the most populated city in Vietnam.

Run by SOS Children’s Villages, it is organized similar to a little neighbourhood where the kids are brought up in small families. 

Unfortunately, the aid does not suffice for the kids to grow strong and healthy as we do in the western world.

It soon  became clear to us that we wanted to try to help these kids.